What easy programe can I help with?

All development related issues welcome

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Post by React_dude »

for help files i could make a few html help files for ros.

if at all posible make it os that the help file devs don't need to supply the help file "Tree" so all we need to make is the actual help. for example the right pane on the windows 98 help system. i'll create a template for help files here : http://members.shaw.ca/ReactOS
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Post by nodtveidt »

If there is any kind of official list of programs that need creating, could someone point me in the right direction? I cannot offer much help in the way of OS development but I can certainly develop regular software. A list of what's needed would be great. :D What's mentioned in this thread is a good start though; also, someone mentioned an MMP in another forum here.

A help system would likely require a clone of hh.exe and its dependencies. hh.exe has a very small executable size because it imports from msvcrt.dll, which contains all the "real" code...hh.exe is pretty much nothing more than a frontend for it (kind of like how VB6 apps are pretty much just frontends for msvbvm60.dll, heh), along with three other imports (user32, kernel32, and advapi32). Either msvcrt.dll or hh.exe loads the IE library which renders the help pages themselves (would have to be loaded via LoadLibrary, which both hh.exe and msvcrt.dll import from kernel32).
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Post by Linuxhippy »

Well, there was already some discussion on this.

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Post by AcetoliNe »

Well and it causes headackes to many cpu designers. Withought those limitations it would be possible to get 50% more speed out of the same amount of silicon.
How very true :(
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Post by nevjo »

i can make few programs in pascal if you want. i'll use the list that Someguy wrote.

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Post by Raigedas »

About Paint... why create another one? why not to bundle ROS with "Paint.Net" which is opensource also?


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Post by counting_pine »

I think it's a good idea to bundle ReactOS distributions with a proper image editing program - my preference would be the GIMP - but I also very much believe that ReactOS needs just a straight-forward Paint-like program. Something very simple, not too many features, just basic tools like paintbrush, fill, select, zoom. Things like layers, anti-aliasing and semi-transparent windows have their places, but not in the Paint clone.

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Ease up on the VB guys...

Post by MikeInDallas »

This is my first post, but who can pass on a good old fashioned language war?

First, let's start with the undoubtable truth that PCL is the foremost significant language in the world, next to RPG . . .

Seriously, I've been employed as a developer for (gulp) over 15 years. I currently code in C/C++ full time. In my last job, I coded in Delphi (Pascal) from beta through v6. I've also coded in VB, and have fond memories of QuickBASIC, which is how I cut my teeth. I have also written assembler, though mostly the inline variety.

There's a reason there are so many languages. App development wise, probably any proficient VB coder can code circles around me in terms of productivity if I'm using Visual Studio 6 as I am currently, writing pure Win32 code with no MFC, no ATL, etc..

And there's no reason why BASIC can't produce tight code. It's not the langauge that's to blame, it's the compiler and the quality and granularity of the libraries against which they are linked. Unfortunately, few companies take BASIC seriously enough to tweak it into submission like they have C/C++. But it's no fault of the language. I'm not at all fond of threaded p-code or whatever they're calling it now...oh yeah, .NET :shock: But that's no fault of BASIC.

In fact, the earlier Microsoft BASIC, before the introduction of the not-really-classes-classes, had some of the cleanest formatting I've seen in a langauge. Clear blocks, without the wacky block exceptions you find in Pascal, and without the elaborate overkil of obscurity that can be found in C++. I still think the ability to do a switch on strings is cool

Every last one of these languages do what they do well, or they wouldn't stand the test of time. Even RPG...though I can't off hand think of a single example, has it's place :wink:

Besides, not everybody can be an assembler of bits. Somebody has to be able to communicate with people, you know. ;-)

Well, I think I've done my part here. Greetings all from Houston. I hope to see this project succeed. Wish I had the time to work on some things. Maybe early next year . . .


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Post by MikeInDallas »

Cool! I joined in 1970!

I think that makes me an elder around here boys (spit).


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Post by Lucractius »

Id suggest Paint.NET, its a very simple program that rests roughly half way between Gimp and MS Paint, its got that kinda ease of use that things like Paint Shop Pro do... but it could use some improvements i think before making it THE image program to bundle with ReactOS, the UI is clean but slightly unweildly. and theres certain functionality that is needed to pick it up just that bit to make it ok for joe average without confusing him to much.

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