[usb]guys i have beatiful idea

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[usb]guys i have beatiful idea

Post by tojestzart »

why dump to file known as debug.log , doesnt work on usb stick ? (i dont even know where its dumping this option, you should ask yourself)
(instead of that i have to make stupid pictures)

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Re: [usb]guys i have beatiful idea

Post by ThFabba »

It's probably already possible, you can specify a path to the /DEBUGPORT=FILE option. However writing anywhere but the boot drive may be problematic since you wouldn't be able to write anything until that disk was mounted (which will be later in the boot process than the system drive). Additionally, debug to file is already less reliable than other methods (because it has to write to a memory buffer and write to disk in a parallel thread, which may break if the system crashes) -- so adding USB as another factor that could break things isn't the best idea.

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