Question: Where did the tarball go?

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Question: Where did the tarball go?

Post by justincase »


Back in the past you provided tarballs of stable builds. But since a few? recent releases not anymore or they are very hidden behind the curtain.

It's a best practiece to have code backed up somewhere at FOSS collectors in case when source repo server meets lightning or copyright lovers take down FOSS servers.

So where did the (new) tarballs go? In case when no present, could you please give the numbers of stable SVN revisions (or even better, create a separate branch for each stable version).

Thank you for your time and efforts.

Best regards~
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Re: Question: Where did the tarball go?

Post by EmuandCo »

Hm, you are right. Last version has no src tarball... ... tOS/0.4.2/ is the last we have right now.
I try to get it done tomorrow. If I forget it, plz PM me to get things in shape.
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