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Re: embedded perl interpreter in cmd.exe

Post by AJMartel »

Great project!

I see you have updated the source.
pCmd is a cmd and perl script executor.
The base of the program consist of the excellent ReactOS cmd.exe which is
modified to enable to mix cmd and perl code in a script.

For example:

@echo off
set var1=123
perlcall :plfunc
echo %var1%
goto end
print "we are in perl !\n";

The zip file contains the full source and the exes.
The cmd.exe is just a normal cmd.exe
the pcmd.exe has a embedded perl interpreter in it.
The pcmd-crypt.exe can encrypt cmd shell or perl scripts which can be executed with pcmd.exe.

Default the pcmd.exe is linked with the plcenc_lib.lib which also will read encrypted .pmd and .plc file.
In the project there is a plc_lib project which will create a dummy plc_lib.lib which doesn't understand encrypted files.

- 4.01 13 april 2016
sources synchronised with the current ReactOS cmd shell versions
linked against perl-5.22.1 library
added support for encrypted scripts
able to run standard perl scripts
added dynamic trace output : set CMDTRACE=on
default PathExt : .com .exe .cmd .pmd .pl .plc
I will be integrating the Perl module into an alternate version of IRTriageCMD

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Post by manuel »

hto wrote:
Why? Publish the code, just do not put a decription key in it. Keep the key in the registry or in some configuration file.
Basically if not exist naturally in XP, will not exist in ReactOS then.

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Re: embedded perl interpreter in cmd.exe

Post by middings »

I'm pleased that HansH has found the cmd.exe file in ReactOS useful for adaptation to his own purposes. Any bug fixes to the ReactOS cmd.exe HansH wishes to send upstream to the ReactOS project are welcome. The ReactOS developer team may choose to decline features sent upstream, especially features that do not exist in Microsoft's cmd.exe for any version of Microsoft Windows from Windows XP to the most current version.

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Re: embedded perl interpreter in cmd.exe

Post by dizt3mp3r »

Won't stop you from shipping your own version of ReactOs with the cmd.exe in place though.
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