Xul.dll - Gecoengine or FF ?

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Xul.dll - Gecoengine or FF ?

Post by Blackcrack »


i can be wrong, but i notice, the xul.dll from the firefox can have all inside what's need for
representation a html/php webpage with css and so on .. .. and should be the head engine of today Firefox ..
if i am not wrong ..

so, this dll , it is not possible for regestring the dll for using as web-viewer in the reactos window's ?

the 2nd question, if we could use the xul.dll, it is then maybe also not possible for use FF Plugins
in an own ffplugin.cpl in the System Control ?

with the xul.dll from the Firefox, if able to work could we have all what we need for exploring the web ..
or not ? The Xul .. btw, Firefox.. it is not under GPL ? and.. if it's open Source .. it's not possible for compiling by self.. if including the souces by linking in ..

So, Microsoft have his own Browser, we could work together with Firefox and use the Xul.dll .

okey, the Xul it is today 32MB or something .. but it have at all include what's really need
for exploring the web and displaying webpages..
So, we working.. imho together with Wine, so why not with FF ?

WinNT it is a Windows Network System.. should be not include any really well
working browser engine where it is ever hold actual ? And this by a own Community/group where be along/conform the GPL ?

or be i am wrong ?

best regards

edit : add this url..

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Re: Xul.dll - Gecoengine or FF ?

Post by karlexceed »

I may not be 100% correct here, but...

ReactOS already uses Gecko, because WINE uses Gecko in it's internal implementation of Internet Explorer. In fact, if you install a fresh copy of ROS, you're prompted at the end of the install to download and install the WINE Gecko package.

Beyond this, however, it's not likely that any official ROS browser will ever be built since great open source browsers already exist. It's simpler to support Firefox by providing what ROS is already providing: a Windows compatible runtime environment.

With that said, I have always wanted a browser shipped with ROS, but that can wait until I make my own ROS distro. ;)

Oh, and also: Firefox / Gecko is licensed under MPL v2. It's supposedly compatible with the GPL, but core ROS devs would better be able to answer how compatible it is with ROS's licensing.

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Re: Xul.dll - Gecoengine or FF ?

Post by MadWolf »

if the reactos team was going to bundle a web browser then imho pale moon is a better option the only down side is pale moon needs a 7th or later generation CPU with SSE2 support. https://www.palemoon.org/technical.shtml

edit on a older version of Pale Moon future roadmap http://web.archive.org/web/201605081813 ... dmap.shtml
ReactOS -- A specific version is planned for this platform in the future, but only if the platform matures enough to warrant the investment.

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Re: Xul.dll - Gecoengine or FF ?

Post by EmuandCo »

We don't need a special version. If the real one does not work, then it's our bug. And no browser will be bundled. We have mshtml using Wine Gecko and this is enough to load whatever browser you wanna use and maybe don't find in rapps.
ReactOS is still in alpha stage, meaning it is not feature-complete and is recommended only for evaluation and testing purposes.

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Re: Xul.dll - Gecoengine or FF ?

Post by Black_Fox »

I think that the special version of Pale Moon was meant as using NT5 API instead of NT6.

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Re: Xul.dll - Gecoengine or FF ?

Post by Blackcrack »

oh, i have found the xul.dll

oh well, instead clarify someone to let him in the dark,
(now I would not like to say directly make mock him, without he notices it )
as you can see the character.
and there on the english forum, the whole world..
*thumps up*

i hope someone can learn of it..

p.s.: "Gekoengine have the xul.dll inside " this had help alone and had bring the success.

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