Networkdrivers via disk,USB or CD/DVD/BlueR

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Networkdrivers via disk,USB or CD/DVD/BlueR

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i have installed today reactos trunk again with the VirtualBox option 1000MBit Network and have hang in /mount
a 3rd CD iso on the VM. well.. i know i need a driver for the VBox 1000mbit but...

how install, if there no ask for before download the winegecko-engine ?

well, would surely not bad, if there a question if :

"wont you to install extra Drivers like
Network, SSATA, PCI, Grafic and special USB
from an other data carrier/ storage medium ?
for loading before the system Use the Hardware "
[Yes] {cd} [No] //(countdown)...6,5,4,3,2,1,-=>NO

So it is possible before the Reactos goes on the net or start at first, install and load the drivers
as existential base, by the install to make enable for install all drivers from the manufacturer Driver CD(as example)
or use a usb-stick for make drive the usb3-port or an very new networkdriver for an pad or something else ..
where it is copy on the usbdisk by side of the reactos-install (if not found by start install)
but there can be also an possible for install extra drivers, before the network base it is use for wine-gecko install
or the network stack starts and the grafic-drivers have the well feeling resolution on the monitor ;)
before the Desktops starts..

for this can be well the extra question "Wont you to install extra drivers ? "
[Yes]<==- // open a "search for inf window" [add drivers] -> open a search Dialogue for different
drives and let search specific drives for this NT-version of HW-drivers

( maybe can add a sandbox-setup possibility, because some drivers need a setup for install,
but this maybe as sandbox and take the dll's for create automatically drivers and
maybe a cabfile + a inf-file inside for automatically install at the next install .. and store
it at a /drivers/packs/*.cab folder for later easy copy and past on the new Reactos-version.
Or, able for create a Auto-search-drivers cab files in a folder, the filename suggest the where it is
inside the original drivers with a md5 of the cabfile and a signature of/for reactos-security/savety
and cabfiles be handleable like zip, but more easy.. or if cab not possible, because the Copyright,
use the 7zip.dll inside of the system and the installer,
because with 7zip it's so many possible .. and it is opensource ! Can also compiled by self . )
if all ready, press the button [Ready] and go on the install + the original drivers

best regards

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