How to call MmGetPhysicalMemoryRanges ??

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How to call MmGetPhysicalMemoryRanges ??

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I am writing a driver in which i want the exact range of RAM. I came to know about memmory manager routines inside windows kernel. I am planning to include MmGetPhysicalMemoryRanges routine in my driver also to get memory range.

i don't know how to add these routines into driver..

Anyone please tell me how to write this routine??What is its syntax???

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Re: How to call MmGetPhysicalMemoryRanges ??

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MmGetPhysicalMemoryRanges is undocumented. Avoid using it if you can.
Perhaps the calls on this web page can solve your problem: ... 85%29.aspx

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Re: How to call MmGetPhysicalMemoryRanges ??

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