Thoughs on NTVDM

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Carlo Bramix
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Thoughs on NTVDM

Post by Carlo Bramix »

Hello friends,
as many of you know, recently ReactOS added support for NTVDM.
Although the compatibility slowly increases, it's a bit far from target but I think that perhaps there is an interesting way for improving.
FreeDOS is an MS-DOS clone with a compatibility level really near to 100%.
It would be interesting to use a piece of this OS for adding support to many features currently missing or bugged: what we need is a patched version of FreeDOS kernel, to be loaded properly in the virtual environment provided by NTVDM.
Hopefully, this patched version seems to be already existing and it is available with DOSEMU project.
So, by loading properly just KERNEL.SYS should be a great step ahead for compatibility, all DOS interrupts would be implemented and a little amount of BIOS calls are required for basic work.
Same thing may be done for all drivers provided in that patched version of FreeDOS.
Development could be focused by implementing the features that NTVDM needs and, step by step, using them instead of the ones provided by the FreeDOS kernel and its drivers. It would be also useful for testing if things are implemented correctly.

What do you think?

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Re: Thoughs on NTVDM

Post by erkinalp »

ReactOS already makes use of FreeDOS codebase for its 16-bit DOS utilities. KERNEL.SYS.can be taken too yet do we need good integration for FS, keyboard, viewport resizes etc.
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