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Build WINE

Post by Pi_User5 »

I have Ubuntu 14 LTS x64 and I was trying to figure out how to build WINE. I have a patch for WINE's shell32 to test. Can someone point me in the right place? Thanks!
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Re: Build WINE

Post by middings »

I found this.
I've never tried it myself. It sounds complicated.
Building Biarch (Shared WoW64) Wine On Ubuntu

Ubuntu makes building 32-bit wine hard because the 64-bit system doesn't come with a full set of 32-bit development libraries. ... This guide uses lxc (chroot is another option) ...

The basic approach is:
Build 64-bit wine
Build 32-bit tools in lxc
Build 32-bit wine in lxc, referring to the 64-bit wine and 32-bit tools built in the previous steps
Install 32-bit wine
Install 64-bit wine

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