Are learning to rewrite usetup.exe and blue.sys

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hto wrote:
If you give up the text mode installation interface, like windows vista or later, directly from a pre-installed windows PE start, is also a good solution, but it will increase the size of the distribution of documents as well as compatibility.
ReactOS already has BootCD and LiveCD variants. They could be merged into one installable LiveCD distribution.
Whether the page can be multi-lingual? 8x8 font is too small, the text mode can not support DBCS character set.
Just give up the text mode altogether.
Okay, I give up the modify blue.sys.Continue to provide localization support for Simplified Chinese.

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Re: Are learning to rewrite usetup.exe and blue.sys

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But,how to choose language on Live CD? I can't do it.

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So far, there is no way to choose a language on LiveCD. A graphical installer program should allow to do it.

Currently, you can build your own LiveCD with a different language (modifying registry files in boot/bootdata/).

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Re: Are learning to rewrite usetup.exe and blue.sys

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ekohl wrote:
binsys wrote:You may not understand what I mean, after studying windows 2003 CD-ROM to start the installation process, you will find that Microsoft consider other issues such as character, DBCS language installer call spddlang.sys provided by setupdd.sys keyboard, multi-countrysupport of the language problem.
These problems can be solved by using a GUI-based setup. The country-specific keyboard layout can be loaded, the language-specific character set can be used (if a matching font is available), without the need to reimplement these features for the text-mode. Support for the CJK character sets is also included because the dialogs in the GUI-based setup use UNICODE (UTF8).

Please let us know of any specific problem that can not be solved by a GUI-based setup
Sorry for thread necromancy.

@ekohl and others: Windows uses a SETUP_LOADER_BLOCK: ... ADER_BLOCK , which is initialized by the setupldr using txtsetup.sif, to get initial settings (for example the "HardwareIdDatabase" member that some other guy tried to investigate here: , or for initializing the (Boot)BusExtenders) before starting the text-mode setup (shared between a driver: setupdd.sys, which displays the well-known interface, and a user-mode program usetup.exe that makes the interface between the driver and the user at some places). The setup driver then, can use the setup loader block to retrieve the information and use it as it wants. In ReactOS everything is inside a usetup.exe, so from within we cannot use the setup loader block (alternatively we would need to write a small driver just to retrieve it and somewhat copying it for usetup...).

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