The Future of Turkish Translations

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The Future of Turkish Translations

Post by eersoy93 » Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:27 pm


I'll update Turkish translations on my ReactOS Git repository only. Because, my Turkish translations written with pure Turkish, not actual Turkish. From now on, the actual Turkish translations will be on official ReactOS repository and my pure Turkish translations will be only on my ReactOS Git repository. My ReactOS Git repository will be on GitHub and GitLab. When I upload this repository to GitHub and GitLab, I'll put links to my ReactOS Git repository on GitHub and GitLab on this topic.

Thanks for replies.

ADDING: See more information:
viewtopic.php?f=45&t=13528 (Turkish topic)

ADDING_2: My pure Turkish ReactOS GitHub repo:

ADDING_3: My pure Turkish ReactOS GitLab repo:
Turkish translator of ReactOS.

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