freeldr.ini error on 0.3.13

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Chiaki Kurokawa
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freeldr.ini error on 0.3.13

Post by Chiaki Kurokawa » Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:03 am

I just downloaded and burned ReactOS 0.3.13 and when I went to boot it to install it I can't remember exact what it said but it said that there was a error with freeldr.ini or file not found I checked the disk and the ini was there I tried to install while in windows xp from the auto start but it just said Harddisk 3 times for which drive to install to and I'm not sure what exactly each one is supposed to be I have 2 harddrives and a usb stick it would be nice if they were labeled or something :/

maybe I'm just blind but I didn't see a edit button but anyways the error when booting the disk was "error opening freeldr.ini or file not found"

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Re: freeldr.ini error on 0.3.13

Post by gabrielilardi » Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:30 am

I think it's better to reply for that matter rather than editing his own post.

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Re: freeldr.ini error on 0.3.13

Post by SomeGuy » Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:30 pm

Pointing a newcomer to a FAQ is not a very friendly thing to do unless the problem they are asking about is specifically mentioned in there.

And off hand, I'm not familiar with any conditions ReactOS/FreeLDR can not find the ini file. That shouldn't happen, but more details are needed.

I would suggest re-downloading the CD image and perhaps using a different CD burner application to burn the image.

If you aren't familiar with ReactOS it is important to note that it does not run well - and often even not at all - on real hardware. The officially supported platforms for ReactOS are VirtualBox, QEMU, and VMWare. Of those VirtualBox is probably the friendliest to use, and there is a downloadable pre-configured version of ReactOS that bundles QEMU. These install as a normal application on top of Windows, Linux, or MacOS and ReactOS runs safely inside of that without altering your system in any way. (might be worth mentioning VirtualBox and QEMU in the FAQ)

If you are feeling adventurous and and want to try it on real hardware, it is important that you do not use it on a machine with important data stored on it and that you are comfortable re-installing any OS on the machine. ReactOS can potentially corrupt hard drives and does not have the partitioning tools to install alongside existing OSes.

The easiest way to try ReactOS on real hardware is using the Live CD. This boots ReactOS to a desktop without any need for installation and should not alter anything on your computer. It is not possible to install additional applications when using the LiveCD.

Note that on some computers that use SATA controllers and drives, it may be necessary to enable IDE compatibility mode in your BIOS.

Chiaki Kurokawa
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Re: freeldr.ini error on 0.3.13

Post by Chiaki Kurokawa » Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:21 pm

yea I played with ReactOS a while back I just dunno why this random problem happened but next time I restart I'll be sure to try that pata compatibility you suggested technically this shouldn't happen since everything is good and fine shouldn't bring up such a error

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