Extracting Files From a CD-R in the DVD-ROM Drive (D:\)

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Extracting Files From a CD-R in the DVD-ROM Drive (D:\)

Post by doomy666999 »

Im trying to get some files off of a cd-rom i burned with the driver files and .reg files for my graphics card:

http://www.reactos.org/forum/viewtopic. ... sqzgprhcdq

but i cant get them off on the other end, i cant drag n' drop or copy n' paste the files from my DVD-ROM drive to the required directories,

is there any command lines i could use so as to get the files off the cd-r and into the correct directories?

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Post by GreyGhost »

I think the rosexplorer dosupport copy paste or drag.
Try the copy command in the command prompt. I have never used it before so i am not sure of the procedure.
Sorry this is all i can help.

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Post by doomy666999 »

hmm...neither have i...i wouldnt know where to begin when it comes to commands....anyone have any ideas?

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Post by GvG »

Double click on "Command Prompt". You should see something like "C:\ReactOS>" now. Then type

copy "d:\subdir_name\file_name" "c:\where_you\want_it\to_go"

where you need to change "subdir_name", "file_name" etc to what's appropriate for your situation

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use "mc" (midnight commander)

Post by steveh »

I think copy, paste, move are at this moment not fully implemented in ros-explorer.

In order not to fight with "heavy" command line expressions, i use the "mc" midnight commander for such purpose. I think it's the most comfortable solution.

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Post by RomanH »

I personally have no problem with using the command prompt. But it would surely be nice if drag'n'drop copying of files would work. Is there a roadmap on when we can expect it to be implemented?


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