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Administrative powers

Post by doomy666999 »

Does anyone know how to log on as the Admin? i cant install anything at the moment without running into an error message saying i need to have administrative powers.

any ideas?

also the mouse does not seem to be very responsive as far as left and right clicking goes, is this a known issue?

also, at the moment does reactOS detect my hardware? the computer seems to be running rather slow and my pc is a reasonable mid-range system...

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Post by Gasmann »

You're always the admin in ReactOS. Maybe it's a bug.

Well and ReactOS isn't very fast at the moment (even though it got much better in the last time). And it can't detect much of your hardware, it doesn't have device drivers for everything.

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Post by mikedep333 »

The reason why your comp is running so slow is partly because it does not load up the video driver automatically and partly because numerous components, such as the graphical interface, need alot more development.

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Speed... DMA access to hdd?

Post by steveh »

Question in speed context:

does reactos (0.3 trunk) access the harddisk in DMA mode? or only in real mode at this time?

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