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Post by reub2000 »

How should I partition my hard drive so I can multiboot ReactOS, Windows XP Home, and Gentoo Linux? I'm asking because ReactOS is quite picky about the partitioning.

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Post by Gasmann »

Well, ideally there should be:
- one primary partition with fat16 or fat32,
- the rest logical partitions, it doesn't really matter what fs you use.

So for your case, I would recommend:
-a primary partition fat16 with 256-512mb for reactos
-an extended partition (only one) with the following inside:
-a logical partition (ntfs) with hmm maybe 4gb for WinXP
-a logical partition (ext3 or reiserfs) with 8gb or so for gentoo linux
-a logical partition (fat32 or ntfs) for the rest of the drive.

But really you should find your own sizes. It's just about what could be done to make it working. Important is that therer is only one primary partition with fat16/32 and the rest in an extended partition. You could also install reactos inside a logical partition, but still you'd need a primary fat one for freeldr.

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