I can ping servers on command line - webbrowser?

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I can ping servers on command line - webbrowser?

Post by overreactos »


I downloaded and installed the ready package ReactOS-0.3.11-REL-vbox.zip for virtualbox(I got OSE edition). I can ping computers using the Command Prompt, but I've not found any ready browser in the system to go to a website, for example a popular search engine(google,yahoo etc.). Typing "http://www.google.com" in "ReactOS Explorer" and then hitting the enter key doesn't make anything happen.

In hope to install a browser I ran "ReactOS Application Manager" but regardless of how many times I clicked "refresh" nothing appeared(if I need to wait for more than a minute, it's ok, as long as I know what I should expect). Not even my installed programs were shown(are there any?).

I'm planning to use the email method to transfer files between my host and the VirtualBox environment.

Does it work the same for you? I understand fully that it is alpha software.

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Re: I can ping servers on command line - webbrowser?

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Hi, the icluded browser engine inside explorer is dead for ages now and your problem with loading the stuff via rapps is known too. in version 0.3.11 we had another server to load the database. Please try a recent nightly and this will work.
ReactOS is still in alpha stage, meaning it is not feature-complete and is recommended only for evaluation and testing purposes

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Re: I can ping servers on command line - webbrowser?

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As an alternative you can try installing Netscape for ReactOS:

http://www.easy-share.com/1912713537/Ne ... eactOS.exe

This file can be placed on a cd or if you are using Virtual Machine
You can try placing it in an iso or manually copying it to your .vdi
drive file with WinMount.

http://www.download3000.com/download-wi ... 53740.html

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