ReactOS 3.11 on bare hardware or virtualizer?

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Gullible Jones
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ReactOS 3.11 on bare hardware or virtualizer?

Post by Gullible Jones »

Hello again... Glad to see ReactOS has progressed to version 0.3.11! I've got a new netbook (an Eee 1005HAB) and I'm thinking of installing ReactOS on a test partition... So, I have some questions.

- How much support for USB HID devices is implemented in 0.3.11? If I want to do anything useful I need at least keyboard support. :)

- How well are most Windows ethernet drivers supported, if at all?

- And finally... If bare hardware support is not good enough, how far could I get running ReactOS in a Xen VM on top of a very minimal Linux system?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: ReactOS 3.11 on bare hardware or virtualizer?

Post by Haos »

- None;
- You have a fair chance of having them working. I`d try Win2000 version over XP, also stay out of Nvidia or Realtek 8139 and later chips.
- You could try it out and tell us. Vbox should work fine on Linux, btw.
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