ReactOS 3.11 on real hardware - IBM ThinkCentre S50 8183

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ReactOS 3.11 on real hardware - IBM ThinkCentre S50 8183

Post by PeterK »


often people do report problems with installing ReactOS 0.3.xx on real hardware.
So here's a short report about a successful installation on a IBM ThinkCentre S50 Mod. 8183:

- installing on the existing FAT32 partition (C: = 20 GB) with existing WinXP failed
(booting from disk hangs after the Win 0.3.11 logo picture ..)
- deleting the partitions and making a partition with ReactOS 0.3.11 failed
(my input in the ReactOS Setup dialog was: 4096 MB,
ReactOS said it wasn't able to install into the partition it created ..)

Then I took the WinXP Home installation CD:
- I deleted this partition made by ReactOS
- then I created a new partition C: with WinXP Setup, size was again 4096 MB
- I formated the new partition with WinXP Setup (fast) as FAT32
(I stopped the further installation of WinXP after that, by simply ejecting the CD ..)

Then I again took the ReactOS Setup CD:
- I selected the newly created partition as ReactOS installation target
- then I formatted this partition FAT (fast) with the ReactOS Setup
- then the ReactOS Setup proceeded up to reboot and ...

ReactOS does now boot up on this computer !

A short description of the hardware:
- IBM / Lenovo ThinkCentre S50 Mod. 8183
- Mini Desktop 31(B) x 33(L) x 9(H) cm
- Celeron 2,8 GHz
- 40 GB harddisc IDE
- Onboard Grafic Chipset ( Intel 865G Shared Video Memory)
(second hand price was about 50 EUR)

So I expect that some ReactOS installations do NOT fail because
ReactOS would not work - but because the partitioning with ReactOS Setup fails.
So if You try to install on real hardware, if it fails then try to
create the partition with a external tool or with a WINDOWS Setup CD.

+++++ ReactOS is still BETA and may not work on Your hardware ! +++++
---EDIT: .. Alpha, Alpha ... not Beta ...

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Re: ReactOS 3.11 on real hardware - IBM ThinkCentre S50 8183

Post by Haos »

Its actually alpha, not beta.

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Re: ReactOS 3.11 on real hardware - IBM ThinkCentre S50 8183

Post by reactosfan »

What is about network and sound and which of the installed programs do run? Your enthusiasm is great but let us know the details. Despite Win installation disk you might use gparted ( or ) for the creation of partitions... :idea:

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