Is the 0.3.Xseries ends soon

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Is the 0.3.Xseries ends soon

Post by samuel1991 »

Hi, I am curious as I thought that the 0.3.11 was the last release for 0.3.X series. Now, it was stated that there is a planned 0.3.12 release. So I am just wondering if 0.4 be ready at end of 2010.

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between July and December 2010

Post by steveh »

I guess the release date of 0.4.0 will be anytime between July 1 and December 31, 2010.

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Re: Is the 0.3.Xseries ends soon

Post by RaptorEmperor »

The plan was to have moved to 0.4 by now, but because of various problems that have popped up during development, the developers decided to move on to later releases in the 0.3.X series. When you're starting a new series you want to leave a good impression, so they're trying to get ReactOS less buggy for 0.4.

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Re: Is the 0.3.Xseries ends soon

Post by vicmarcal »

You can find a lot of info about it using the Search box ;)
To move to 0.4 we need:
-new explorer.exe
-partial USB working
(at least)

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