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Freeldr problem with 1024 cylinder limit?

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 8:19 pm
by steveh
My config:

hda1 = win2000

hda2 = reactos + win98 multiboot by freeldr

The win98 bootsector is in a file.
Now i have increased the hda1 because of additional space need in win2000.

reactos still starts correctly thru freeldr, but freeldr doesn't start win98 anymore. freeldr error message saying "failed to read the PVD".
I changed nothing else than increasing hda1 and moving hda2 with a harddisk tool.

Start of hda2 is below 1024 cylinders, end of hda2 is beyond 1024 cylinders.

Should freeldr have a 1024 cylinder limit problem? For example if "bootsect.w98" is beyond 1024 cylinders?