Strange colors

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Strange colors

Post by bastetfurry »


I am having strange colors (not caused by drug consumen ;) ) when running reactos. White is nonexistant and everything else looks like a negative.
I have installed from the 0.2.6 ISO with VESA support.

I tryed to install nVidia drivers because of this, as Changelog said it would run, but i still cant run the nvidia setup.exe :-(

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Post by Mammlouk »

To install Nvidia drivers you must install them in Windows and copy the correct files. You can find an Nvidia howto in the wiki I believe.

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Re: Strange colors

Post by Meklort »

bastetfurry wrote:Hi!

I am having strange colors (not caused by drug consumen ;) ) when running reactos.
When you install reactos there are two video drivers that you can use, vesa and vga, try using a different one.

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quick fix: run the install disk again but choose VGA support instead of VESA

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