ReactOS HowTo to keep Alive

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ReactOS HowTo to keep Alive

Post by 3d »

I have an old Compaq Deskpro EN SFF 667MHz
I donload ReactOS.0.3.6.iso and try to Alive the OS. After 10 short instalation attempts I put the os over the HDD and boot the OS from HDD. I go trought wizard and setup the things. After that wizard FINISH and computer was restarted.
I was amazed when I see the DEAD_BLUE_SCREEN with error mesage:
***STOP : 0x000000B4
I try different ways to boot but nothing is happen.

I download ReactOS.0.3.6.LiveCD.iso and try to start Live OS. After booting and start the loading monitor get black and komputer not REACT.

What to DO.
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Re: ReactOS HowTo to keep Alive

Post by hefner »

3d wrote: What to DO.
Try to run ROS in an Virtual Machine like VMware or Qemu ...

Its not ready to run on every Real Hardware. Your Graphics Card must to be VBE 2.0 compliant (means has VESA 2.0), because of bugs on loading 3th party drivers...

At example my old GF 4 4200 are running great with ROS :D ... d_Hardware
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Re: ReactOS HowTo to keep Alive

Post by z180 »

I think that I found out your problem

your PC has a Intel 810E or 815E chipset with onboard graphics card that I believe is not compatible with ReactOS.
You can't install a AGP graphics card because this PC has only 3 PCI slots.
I recall that people having similar configurations reported problems.
I found this text at the VBEMP (a fork of reactos VESA driver)page:

Intel 810E, 815E series
PRB: Cannot use linear frame buffer, but card identifies itself as VBE 3.0 compatible.
DETAILS: In Video BIOS linear frame buffer support is absent, but card itself supports linear frame buffer.
FIX: None known.
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Re: ReactOS HowTo to keep Alive

Post by aicommander »

It should work if you use the VGA driver.
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