Downloaded and installed ReactOS QEMU version 3.04....

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Downloaded and installed ReactOS QEMU version 3.04....

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Downloaded and installed 3.04 Qemu version in program files,ran .bat file as suggested, then prompted to update mozilla active X Control.Did that, and when finished,instructed to install it/save it in - program files.Finished, then a blue screen of death came up, with a message saying"...was forced to close due to problems...memory...etc (I think it did a memory dump!) any helpful suggestions? Is it because my Base OS,Win XP Home, has too much running
in the background, so there's insufficient memory? Or something else?
Qemu has nice pic of lake.How can you make the Qemu screen bigger? And all the icons sre displayed across the top. Anyway to rearrange it?
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Post by Haos »

1. You mean Ros 0.34;
2. ReactOS is still in alpha stage, this means it is incomplete and unstable. Crashes may happen, as well as applications not working. Mozilla Activex crash is one of them (although its quite random, not always replicable, nor repeatable);
3. If you encounter any bug, there is a procedure to follow.
a) make sure you are using a debug version of ROS and that you are getting the debug output, also, get the latest trunk debug version, as this bug may be already fixed, if it also happens there, look up our bugzilla if anything similar is not reported yet. If so, ask on ros irc channel if this bug of yours and the one`s in bugzilla are the same or different;
b) check if the error is repeatable, do several tries to cause it. If it happens everytime you do a specific action or run some specific application. Many errors are random, they appear and next time there are gone.
c) check if the bug is replicable, this is, if there is a way to replicate it every time you try, possibly on different pc/virtual machine/ or ask someone from ros irc channel to replicate it;
d) gather all info on this bug, like ros revision, pc specs or virtual machine version you are using, replication methode, debug output and open a bugzilla entry for this bug. Now you can relax and wait till it gets checked out and hopefully fixed.

I know it is lenghty and requires some work, but this is the only way to avoid false alarms and invalid bug reports.
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