Can't install Firefox - still an issue?

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Can't install Firefox - still an issue?

Post by mgmechanics »

Is this still an issue? I found no information without this link about it:

I'm still trying to install Firefox Wether it crashes at the small window "0% Extracting / Cancel" (by pushing the Cancel-Button a message appears: "Are you sure you want to cancel? / Yes - No - Cancel" Choosing Yes: This window disappears but "0% Extracting / Cancel" - window is still visible.

Firefox Error message: "Fehler beim Überschreiben der Datei \r\n\r\nchrome\r\n\r ..." (Translation: "Error while overwriting file ....") Buttons are "Retry" and "Cancel" (translated from german). "Retry": The same message appears again, "Cancel": Installation cancelled. The folder "C:\Programme\" is empty.

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Post by Xylber »

Try the Portable version, Portables are the Paradise (Firefox3=Paradise, did you catch it? xD)

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Post by dreams »

The 'extracting' window doesn't really hang, sometimes it continues after a while. Still it's a bit buggy. The second bug is still there iirc, but it should be fixed soon. You have to create the chrome-directory yourself before installing firefox.

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