Realtek network card setup

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Realtek network card setup

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Hi, Just installed reactos on real hardware, runs very nice, installed a realtek driver for my network card (genius gf100txr4, driver seems to of installed fine)

how can i configure the card? i've got it conected via eithernet to a vista computer and i've enabled internet sharing, or is it plain just not possible to get working?

if anyone is interested the motherboard i'm using is a asus K7S41, onboard graphics and lan are disabled as they don't work for some reason, using above network card and a geforce mx4 or something as a video card, system is very very fast :) will try installing some programs but I see the compatability database isn't working?

Actually i'm not sure if it is working...

the card is showing up in device manager, but if i use ipconfig i just get 'Error Mod Not Found'

also no cards show up in the network properties cpl

I used the nt4 driver, well, reatos found it from the cd at first boot, would the xp driver work better? or does reactos not properly installer drivers automatically yet? (using the 3.3 release as the latest version wouldn't finish setup)

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