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new to react

Post by wessam82 »

Hi all,
I am new at react. i downloaded react OS and i installed it in a vmware workstation.when i downloaded it i found the package 22 mega only isn't that too low???
When i tried to use it i faced a lot of crashes and i restarted the vmware workstation a lot of time.Is that normal?

Finally i would like to say that i am so proud with this project as we really need it.


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Post by BOT_ev »

It is normal ... as u can see at the front page ReactOS is still in alpha stage.

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Post by Guennie1568 »

You can try to use the VMWare server. Here it crashes not so quickly and you have internet.
I had tried it in Workstation to and there it crashes more than it runs.
On real hardware you have problems to install it. The actual version 0.3.3 RC1 has a problem with the loader and it makes a black screen after a view seconds.
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Post by Haos »

One major issue in 0.3.3 is that sometimes it hangs in 2ns stage when vmware driver installation window appears. It is also possible that adding USB controler to your vmware virtual machine may freeze ROS at the beginning of 2nd stage, when "Installing deviced" message window appears. Different trunk versions may contain other bugs, but they usually get squashed pretty quickkly.

On the other hand if you found a replicable bug in official ISO, please report it to the bugzilla with an accurate description and a debug output (which is easy to enable in vmware).

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Post by .aart3k »

And please don't call ReactOS react. Proper and full ReactOS name is a welcome.

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Post by Z98 »

Hehe. I know a few people who would argue that point. Not me, but I know a few.

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