I have a problem

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I have a problem

Post by kathera_lockharte »

I am running fedora and I want to try reactOS but it comes in a zip file and I can't get it to unzip, so what do i do because if I try to install windows I won't be able to connect since I am a totall n2wb at configuring windows to connect to the internet, I had windows but had to uninstall it due to spy ware and other malware that pretty much made my windows run excrutiatingly slow, not to mention my antivirus was going off on a tangent with all these alerts, and it was usless when it came to removing the virii I had, since they tended to run and hide when I tried to remove them, so how do I unzip the file on linux?
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Post by Haos »

You should try 7z.
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Post by BOT_ev »

Open a console go to destination folder where the zip is and type:

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unzip xxx.zip
"xxx" is the name of the archive that you want to unzip. If u don`t have zip and unzip packages installed on your Fedora u have to install them.
As Haos said u can also use 7zip http://timeoff.wsisiz.edu.pl/rpms.html
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