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Elve Dude
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Setup Problems

Post by Elve Dude »

Hey, I'm nw to this whole ReactOS thing, and I was wondering if ReactOS was compatible with WinXP. If So, is there a way that you can choose which one you wish to boot?

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whoa, my first post!

Post by Googly »

Depends on what you mean by compatible.

Reactos is still not finished and as such isn't even close to fully supporting any version of windows. Networking support is just now barely starting to take off, directX support isn't there yet, and you'll have a hard time getting many programs to work out of the box.

When reactos is finished it will be compatible with windows NT drivers and software, while this isn't quite windows XP the diffrences are minimal from an end-user point of view.

Im pretty sure its possible for reactos and windows XP to share the same hard drive and choose which to boot, but its been several months since I've tried reactos so Im not sure how.

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Post by GvG »

is there a way that you can choose which one you wish to boot?
Yes, when you install ReactOS on a system on which Windows XP is installed it will detect that and add an entry to BOOT.INI (the config file of the Windows boot loader). So, when you boot that machine it will give you the option of starting Windows or ReactOS.

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