ReactOS 0.3.1 LiveCD

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ReactOS 0.3.1 LiveCD

Post by G_man »

Hi there

I tried to use the ReactOS Live CD but it refuse to boot
It just give me a black screen

I tried to change the VGA settings but there was no use

I downloaded a livecd file from
and tried it , It worked but as soon as the desktop shows it begins to hang up

Q: can't it be installed in NTFS or is it necessary for the partition to be FAT ?

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Post by Haos »

Do not use 0.3.1, just forget about it... Use trunk version from nightly builds. We will soon be branching 0.3.2 out of it.

Currently, the best way to test ReactOS is to use QEMU. Running on real hardware is succumbed to a lot more fails and debugging is very difficult.

No, NTFS isnt supported yet. Please use FAT32 only.
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Post by Reacter »

If you must have NTFS, just burn the ISO after injecting NTFS4DOS.exe. It is from a Microsoft company (Symantics), and I have run it off of Windows XP before. You couldn't boot off of NTFS, but you would have basic Live-CD NTFS support by running the app :) . I have'nt tried this in a while, however, so this may not work. Please don't chime in on the NTFS after me, I am just trying to help someone.
More ReactOS, please!
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Post by G_man »

thnx for helping

I was just wandering
NTFS is useless unless if you want to install windows and use some of its special network configuration

I have a very bad experience with it

SO! :lol: Don't worry I wont chime in after you

thnx Haos for your help
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