laptop trial on Live CD

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laptop trial on Live CD

Post by Armedeus »

Hi, I too tried to use the live cd on my laptop and could not get passed the splash screen. I assumed VGA refers to the monitor resolution so I tried changing mine in the bios but got the same result of a black screen after the splash screen. It seems that the CD rom and the the hard drive actually come to a complete stop. I would love to have another PC to test REACTOS on, but I dont have one, so if I can not get some help with this one, then I might be a silent sideliner for a while until someone smarter than me can overcome the problem.

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Post by mikedep333 »

ReactOS .3.1 was release in the middle of us rewriting the kernel. Because of this, it has very poor compatibility with real hardware. You might want to try the .3.0 live cd, or try the next release in a few months.

Also, testing it out under vmware or qemu (possibly with kqemu) is the best way to try reactos out. Assuming you have windows installed, I suggest you try out qemu manager
enable kqemu in it, and try out ReactOS .3.1.

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