ReactOS 0.3.1 freezes at boot screen

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Don't use VPC. It's one of the unsupported VM solutions. Use either VMware or QEMU.

Wine creates a series of DLLs that theoretically are also supposed to be drop-in replacements for their counterparts in Windows. That's what ReactOS uses. Wine itself then creates an interface for those DLLs to communicate in Linux. Developers are free to correct me if I'm wrong on that count.

AMD issue is supposed to be gone. And in all honesty, it's not like ReactOS can take advantage of hardware acceleration on a graphics card. It doesn't matter what your card is, providing it's not one of the Intel cards that improperly implement one of the standards.

A full list of APIs implemented in ReactOS would take a while to properly document. One of the devs has slowly been working on a system to document the ReactOS code, but it's not ready to be deployed on a large scale. As such, there is no list. To make one manually would probably take as long for the other developer to finish tweaking his program to generate the documentation.

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Hi there,
I am very new to React OS. Recently I downloaded ReactOS0.3.1, Installation CD ISO image, burn into CD and install onto my motherboard and it hang on Boot up. I hope the information I provided here is helpful to ReactOS developer in fine tuning the product. My motherboard spec is as follows:

Intel 855GME + ICH4 Chipset
Intel Celeron-M 360 CPU
Using Extreme2 Graphics embedded in 855GME chipset
512MB DDR2700 (DDR333) RAM

The problem I face is it successfully installed itself, then when it reboot, the ReactOS logo appears on the center screen, then nothing happens after that.

Looking forward to you guys fixing the bugs.

Many thanks.

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It is known bug.

Try the latest development version from

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Or try choosing a different graphics driver during setup.

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