have to choose : realltek 8139 network card support or usb

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have to choose : realltek 8139 network card support or usb

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A few days ago, I sent a post , subjetc : memory management(feedback & suggestion forum).
I told I had remove all the .inf files from the inf folder to make a realtek 8139 work with ReactOS 0.30. I was not very glad for what I had done, because il was a kind of faisafe mode. I tried an other way to make this network card work. I installed again ReactOS 0.30, with all the the .inf files . In removed only Rtpnt.inf (the .inf file for the Realtek 8029(compatible ne2000) network card. While the installation program, I gave the path to the drivers for the realtek 8139 drvier I had downloaded from www.realtek.com.tw. Netrtlx.inf was added in the inf folder and Rtnic.sys was added in the drivers folder. Then I removed all the drivers, but the realtek 8139 driver(Rtnic.sys) from the drivers folder, and then I restored every driver, one by one. Everytime I restored another driver I made a reboot to know if ReactOS could boot and if the realtek 8139 network card worked. In the beginning, ReactOS couldn' t boot because there were not enough drivers, but once the system booted, the realtek 8139 network card worked fine til I restored usbhci.sys, the driver for usb hubs. The boot process was stopped. I removed usbhci.sys and all worked fine again. I tried it several times. In the end I restored all the drivers, but usbhci.sys. I choosed to sacrify usb support, since printers and usb flash memories don't work already with ReactOS. Usb support allows only ReactOS to detect my joystick. I don' t understand why ReactOS can't boot when realtek 8139 and usb drivers are installed together. With Realtek 8029 driver and usb driver, ReactOS 0.30 boots and works fine. I hope you will make a new release of usb drivers, because there are many network cards with realtek 8139 chipset.


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One good news for ya. This driver will be replaced in near future. Fireball is maintaining a whole new one.

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the future promises gold

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The driver mentioned in the above post will be really interesting, it will not only support keyboard and mouse but USB drives and more, opening ROS for booting from USB sticks and such.

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