creation of paging file failed

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creation of paging file failed

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Everytime Reactos boots, I get the following debug message : creation of paging file \??\c:\pagefile.sys with size xxxxxx kb failed. I assume it's the swapfile for virtual memory.
This problem doesn't prevent ReactOS 0.30 from booting and working , but I think it could work better with this paging file. I've seen in bugzilla somebody had almost the same problem(but ReactOS didn't boot) . I've found no fix.
my configuration is :
hardware : msi k8mm8-v motherboard, amd sempron 2600+ cpu, 704 Mb Ram(+64 mb for the video)
First hard disk drive(ide-0,c:) : lilo on the mbr, two ext2 partitions(for linux), two fat32 partitions)
Second hard disk drive(ide-1,d:,bootable like the first one) : opendos on the mbr , one fat32 partition.
ReactOS 0.30 has bin installed on the second hard disk drive and boots from a floppy disk, not from lilo. I've tried to install ReactOS on the first hard disk drive, il works, but I've still the same debug message.

Thank you for your help

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