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Post by Flappz »

Hi Every1...
I have found a great program called Double Drive, if you have a WinOS installed this program will make a complete backup of all your drivers.When I Install ROS I ahve too many problems on a few different PC's.
So I wanted to know where to place these drivers on the ISO so they will install..
I ahve asked this before months ago, im hoping someone can help
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Post by jkxx »

Flappz, are you asking about putting the drivers on an ISO image to use as a backup or on the official distribution iso?

Technically, I'm sure there's a way but haven't looked at enough of the code yet.

However, the drivers you have are probably proprietary and they wouldn't make a good addition to the source code base. Instead, maybe [if it isn't already there] we could just start a thread on which drivers work and where to get them easily. ROS itself can't come with anything non GPL'ed/open source from what I understand.
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Post by Z98 »

He knows this. He's trying to make a CD for his own personal use, customized to include the drivers he'll need so he doesn't have to install them after the fact.
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Post by Flappz »

Z98 you are correct, I want this for myself, rip thr drivers that I need from Win 2k, only the ones I need to run my system, noth the whole I386 folder.
That way when I do a fresh install of ROS its working, not giving me crap like the mouse not working and the keyboard does what it wants, like its doing right now on this system im working on.
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An easy way...

Post by Jaix »

The easiest way I know of is to dualboot with w2k.

Start with installing w2k, install all hardware drivers that you like.

Install ReactOS without formatting your HD, your system will now dualboot.

Boot into W2k

copy all files in c:\windows\system32\drivers to c:\reactos\system32\drivers NOT overwriting any files.

copy all files in the c:\windows\inf to c:\reactos\inf NOT overwriting any files.

Reboot your machine into ReactOS, ROS pnp will now automatically install all drivers and had control over to you, done!

If any drivers halts the system check the debug and delete the .sys file and the corresponding .inf file (text search for the .sys filename from win2k in the c:\reactos\inf folder)

Good luck!
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Re: An easy way...

Post by PeterK »

Jaix wrote:The easiest way I know of is to dualboot with w2k. ..
Can't he put it into his personal ISO with the software "WinISO" ?
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