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Post by rimeshot »

On the following page I would like to know what is the difference between LiveCD and the ISO Image? What does Preloaded with Qemu mean? Is Source the source code for ReactOS? What is Symbol Map Files (for debugging)?

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Post by GvG »

You can use the LiveCD to look at ReactOS without actually installing it. Just boot from the LiveCD, nothing will be changed on your harddisk (unless you make changes yourself while ReactOS is running ofcourse).
The "normal" ISO image can be used to install ReactOS on your PC.
"Preloaded with Qemu" contains the Qemu emulator plus a "virtual disk image" for Qemu with ReactOS pre-installed on it.
Source is indeed the source
You probably don't need the symbol map files, they are used to find out where a crash occured exactly.

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