ReactOS kernel idle time

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Paul Conway
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ReactOS kernel idle time

Post by Paul Conway »

When I ran ReactOS under MS Virtual PC 2004,
I found that, when doing nothing, it consumed almost
all CPU time. This suggests that it does not go idle
but falls into a polling loop somewhere.

This is very inconvenient when running under virtualisation,
which at the moment is the only way I have the opportunity
to run it.

I suppose another consequence might be that more power
is consumed by the CPU because of this. Not good for the planet!

Release Engineer
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Post by Z98 »

That might be more Virtual PC's fault than ReactOS. I've found that it doesn't matter which OS I'm trying to run with it, but Virtual PC eats up all the CPU.

Paul Conway
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Joined: Sun Nov 05, 2006 9:36 pm

Post by Paul Conway »

I certainly agree Virtual PC is not speedy.
I have 1 GB RAM and a 2.5 GHz processor,
and it still manages to make snails look like
they should enter the Olympics.

I have also used VMWare and Parallels Desktop,
the latter being able to run Vista RC1 whereas
VPC would not, and I have had slowness problems

However I have had Linuxes and Windows 2000
and Windows 98 running in VPC at usable speeds,
and certainly not consuming CPU time when they
are not doing anything, whereas ReactOS keeps
the CPU usage up beyond 95 percent all the time.

What's it like when it's run natively?

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