Adding System Specific Drivers...

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Adding System Specific Drivers...

Post by Flappz »

I have learned while chatting in this Forum that there is a program called Double Driver...

Aparently this pulls a backup of Windows 2000/XP drivers to a disk for you.
I want to know how do I Implement these drivers into the ISO so that when ROS installs, it installs the system drivers that do in fact work?
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Adding System Specific Drivers...

Post by uncletom »

I tried DoubleDriver with Win ME and the SCAN function returns an empty list ! ( Know of any other similiar programs ?)

How do you add drivers ? The ControlPanel is empty blank panels.
I guess NO hardware means a less problems! :wink:
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Post by Tachikoma_Pilot »

Thanks flappz i used it and leached 50.8 MB worth of drivers of my windows XP installation all in nice neat little folders ^_^
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Post by PLowran »

Double driver works great, but i still need to know how to implement them into the ISO i mean i can install win2k get the drivers, format the HD and install ROS.
But when ROS loads the mouse doesnt worka nd the KeyBoard is sketch...
Please help everybody / anybody?
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