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boot for diskette

Post by Sniper »

I have read somewhere in this forum that I can install an OS on the hdd partition, and bootloader (freeloader) on a 3,5 floppy disk.
Is it true? And if "yes" than how I can make it run?

p.s I already "cut" from my fully NTFS hdd a small partition and format it with FAT32 and ready for Installation process %)

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Post by frik85 »

While first step of the ReactOS setup, you can choose to either install FreeLoader ...

1) in MBR
2) on a floppy
3) don't install FreeLoader at all.

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Post by Radhad »

Can I boot ReactOS without having Freeloader installed?

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Post by jorl17 »

I think not, because, either way it has to find it...
I think, maybe unless you would use GRUB and have the BOOT.INI file witha ll your settings, I don't know...nahh forget it, you just can't, I think...

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Post by jjkola »

There is a work in a progress for supporting ntldr but it's only available on svn. Maybe on next release version or the one after that will support ntldr.

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