Mouse doesn't work

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Mouse doesn't work

Post by Jnfoot »

I tried booting with the Live CD 0.3.0-REL but the mouse doesnt work. Is there some bios setting or something that I need to do? I am using a basic PS/2 mouse.
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Post by Coviti »

Have you tested this mouse on another computer? Have you tested a different mouse with this computer? There should be no problems with a generic PS/2 mouse, unless it is damaged in some way.
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Post by TimB »

The mouse did not work for me either. The mouse pointer sits in the middle of the screen and can not be moved by my mouse. I reported that just a few days ago. See Feedback and Suggestions/ReactOS on my computers. I listed other problems as well. I could use the tab key to move through the start menu (first use the windows key on the key board then tab), but would much more like to use the mouse. I'm just trying to help. That is why I joined the forum.
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Post by walter »

i had a similar problem on my pc. i rebooted and it worked perfectly... but i don't think this can help you too :(
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Post by Z98 »

I've actually fried two mice while testing ReactOS. No joke. If you're using an older mouse, the interface on it might have gotten fried. I've noticed this happening more and more with the mice I have left over from like ten years back.
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Post by Flappz »

I actually did a Install 4 times, each time with a a different mouse.
Nothing, I also noticed that the keyboard was sketchy.
not all of the buttons wanted to work.
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