bbLean and alternative shells

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bbLean and alternative shells

Post by noccy »

Does ReactOS support alternative shells at this point? For example bbLean (


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Post by GreatLord »

Last time I try I got mixed experins on diffent shell
some shell work more or less, some does not work.
it was over one year ago I tested. But I belive the compatible with diffent shell have incress.

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Post by frik85 »

Shells should work as any other usermode application.
Replace the related registry key by hand or use the setup of you favorite shell and see if it works.

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Post by rotamundo »

Hi, I am Rotamundo and have more doubts about BBlean too and, if it is possible, I'd like to find answers or someone who could help me. First of all, I think I have to say that I was using different Visual Styles (VS) and other things to customize my desktop but, up to now, I had not replaced the explorer.exe. However, some days ago, looking for new deviations, I found by casuality, this ... refean.jpg
So, at the beginning I wanted to download this VS but the author said something about BBLEAN. After some little researches, I understood what it was. Nonetheless, I had (and have) more doubts as follows:
These are some questions that I made myself:
1) In my computer, I use XP with two different users, apart from the administrator. I use one and the other is used by the rest of my family and I'd like to know if the use and installation of Bblean can affect to other users' accounts. I mean, for example, when I use certain VS on my user account it does not affect the other accounts at all. Does it happen the same with BBlean???

2) Another question I haver in my mind is the following, if after using BBlean I don't like the result, that is I prefer going on using the explorer.exe, I'll uninstall BBlean surely. But, Can I do it without any direct consequence?? with that I mean, will I have to re-configurate the icons, wallpaper, windows sizes, etc??? Some time ago I installed something of Stardock, I don't remember what, and after, I decided to uninstall. Finally I had to put systems icons again becuase a lot of icons had the "archive icon", this rectancle almost empty, you know.

3) Finally, I'd like to know if "extenal XP programs" (I don't know how to call them, eMule, Firefox, Winamp...etc) are affected or keep always with the same aspect. And if it does, will it be affect to the configuration on explorer.exe.

Many thanks, I know my english is not the best to make me understand becuase a lot of things can be confused or not well explained, and if it happens, tell me what is wrong and I'll try to explain it better.

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