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Frequently Asked Questions & useful links

Post by frik85 »

Please have a look at our lists of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

User FAQ:

Developer FAQ:

And don't forget to visit our ReactOS Wiki for information about ReactOS.

ReactOS Wiki:

If you found a bug, visit our ReactOS bug tracker and check if it is already listed, otherwise please read the instructions how to file a bug.

ReactOS Bug Tracker:

How to File a Bug:

For compatibility related information, please visit the our compatibility database.

ReactOS Compatibility Database:
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Post by florian »

And although this should be a quiet logical step - please use our Search within the Forum. Very often the same questions have already been asked and answered:

Forum Search:
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions & useful links

Post by rursus »

frik85 wrote:Please have a look at our lists of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

User FAQ:
FAQ contains: "Why don't you help develop Wine/Linux instead?"

Alternate answer: but developing a clean room Wine environment (ReactOS) is the absolute best way to help Wine/Linux develoment!!
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions & useful links

Post by Zoroastro »

Any Wiki or Topic for Boot Questions like this: ... ideo_cards ?

I tried the latest ReactOS 0.3.17 on my personal computers and they failed at Boot.
I found some related informations in the community forum and wiki that could be the version under such devices or CPU, Motherboard and hardware used. And that he could to work with former versions.

I think such problemas could be easyly solved by new Wiki Pages and Topic for General Boot Quetions. There's this page about Installation Guide: ... pment_Wiki
Though I believe we need pages about all devices and motherboards. Maybe there's already, but I'm looking for yet.
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