Three questions

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Three questions

Post by PeterLinuxer »

Hi all,
Three questions from a new user:

1.) Is there a way to move the mouse pointer with keys?

2.) What is the "normal" mode (in contrast to the "screen" mode) good for?

3.) Is there a generic Ethernet driver?

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Re: Three questions

Post by oldman »

1) I do not know.
2) ReactOS, As in
If the top ReactOS is select, then there will be no debug output.

3) ReactOS comes with it's own Realtec RTL8139 lan driver and I think there is another one, but I cannot remember what it is.
So if your hardware has a RTL8139 compatible chip, then you will have network capability out of the box.
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Re: Three questions

Post by Reactions »

For question 1, if you can find a way to install AHK, then make a script on a different computer, then run it on the ROS computer.
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Re: Three questions

Post by middings »

Please limit your topics to a single issue per topic, PeterLinuxer. This is the usual practice in web forums, mailing lists, and other Internet discussion venues.

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