ReactOS and Vb6 for embeded device

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ReactOS and Vb6 for embeded device

Post by Mearapen »

Was wondering if anyone out there has used reactOS for an embeded solution to run vb6 app. Is it realiable enough (reactOS and vb6 created app) to publicly distribute.

They have been in BETA for-ever, just wondering if anyone here has used this combo for an embedded solution?


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Re: ReactOS and Vb6 for embeded device

Post by ThFabba »

Mearapen wrote:
Fri Mar 29, 2019 10:31 pm
Is it realiable enough
No. ROS is full of security vulnerabilities, it's prone to crashing, and crashes are more likely to cause data loss than on other OSes.
There is no practical use case for which it is reliable enough. That's why we call it Alpha (not even Beta).

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