0.4.11 complete fail, details within

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0.4.11 complete fail, details within

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Not a support request, just a report:

0.4.11, tried two ways:
--live ISO (on an Easy2Boot USB stick) -- this boots up on #1 and #2 system but fails after loading hardware drivers. #3 system doesn't do USB boot.
--install ISO burned to CD -- this only booted on the #3 system

Tried on three different systems, including one that had been running 0.4.5 (which nuked itself when I added more RAM, and now does an extended filecheck and then stalls forever).

Hardware attempted:
1) Core2Duo 2.5GHz, 8GB RAM, Asus board -- SATA HD
2) AMD 3200+ (single core) 2.0GHz, 4GB RAM, Asus board -- IDE HD
3) P4-2.4GHz (single core) 768mb RAM, Amptron board, VIA Chipset -- IDE HD

Farthest I got with any attempt was the burned CD got as far as formatting the HD for a new install ("Upgrade" failed) and copying files, and only on #3 system. It stalled at the first *.MSI file copied, something fairly large but it just never got beyond it. The CD appears to be good, as I can read all the files on another system.

0.4.5 had run very well on #1 system with IDE HD, until I upgraded from 2GB to 8GB RAM, then it blew up as noted, and reducing back to 2GB RAM did not fix it.

Side note: the PS/2 keyboard port on the Amptron board does not work, but ReactOS saw the USB keyboard just fine, no problem at all. Actually, response time to keyboard input was considerably better than with PS/2 keyboard on the faster systems.

And yes, Amptron boards and VIA chipsets were junk even when they were new, and age has not improved it (it has weird ideas about memory). But it runs Win98 just fine.

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