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Samsung Tablet PC Install Hurdles

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:17 pm
by WisdomWarlord
I have a Samsung Series 7 Slate tablet PC. It has an i5 dual core CPU from 2011, 4gb of RAM, a 500gb ssd and a touch screen. It also had a microsd card slot, but it only has one USB port.

Installing Windows 7 is a PITA because until the OS is actually installed, only the 4 physical butting (dedicated windows key, up and down volume which are read by the bios as up and down, and a rotate button that is read by the bios as an enter key)

Windows 10 is much easier because the touch screen works during installation as well.

Installing Ubuntu is worse than Windows 7, but still possible because I can boot from USB and after it has come up to the live CD desktop, I can pull the USB drive and plug on the mouse, start the installation, then put the USB drive back in and let the installer run.

I expect that on React OS, I won't have the touch screen available without some work. With only one USB port, plugging multiple things is a pita too. The tablet has built in Bluetooth and wifi, so if Bluetooth works, my keyboard has a mouse function as well, so until I get the touch screen worked out, the computer is still usable.

I have not tried installing ROS yet because of these hardware limitations, but I desperately want to see if ROS can make this tablet useful. Win10 is such a pig that it makes the computer miserable to use and I usually end up on my Android tablet instead.

Are there any tips on successfully installing ROSon this tablet?

Re: Samsung Tablet PC Install Hurdles

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 3:56 pm
by dizt3mp3r
Ros cannot make your tablet useful. Please have a re-check at what you are trying to achieve. ReactOS is ALPHA-only. If you feel like testing the limitations, bugs and crashes of ReactOS on this tablet then it is a useful task in itself but it will not result in a usable machine as ReactOS is not yet ready for that.