first boot - copysystemprofile() failed

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first boot - copysystemprofile() failed

Post by jasin »

Hello, I'm new here and look forward to getting involved with the project, but I've hit a road bump.

I've installed reactos using a boot cd. At first I was having a BOSD with HdAudbus and so I mounted the drive in windows and renamed the file. I no longer get the BSOD but I can't seem to get past this alert message box that states
CopySystemProfile() failed Rebooting now.
Then the system does nothing but hangs until I force it to power down. I don't have an extravagant system, just a old abit KN8 motherboard with an 80GB hd connected as master on IDE 1. The message box is most unhelpful, maybe someone can point me in the right direction and get me on my way to becoming more useful to the project as a whole. Thanks in advanced

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Re: first boot - copysystemprofile() failed

Post by dizt3mp3r »

Jasin, firstly, what are you trying to achieve? A system to run ReactOS or a system to test ReactOS? Tell us about yourself, your hardware and versions of everything including ReactOS in detail or we can't help you - be forthcoming - all we know at the moment is some vague information that your machine is unwell.

Have you read and absorbed the installation instructions fully, have you searched the forum for similar approaches/problems before reporting here?
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Re: first boot - copysystemprofile() failed

Post by oldman »

* Try a fresh install - don't give up at the first try; make at least three attempts to install.
* Can you disable sound in the bios? - some people disable usb and audio, but I have never tried that.
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