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Printer Support

Post by gh4wi »

I installed ReactOS 0.4.10 on a PC and was able to add a driver for its network card ok.
But when I tried to add HP printer software, an error message was displayed that said
WOW.exe is not supported. Same was true when I tried to add Lantastic 8.01.
Will install scripts that require WOW be supported ?
Are any printers supported ? If so, which ones ?

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Re: Printer Support

Post by oldman »

Please keep the Windows classic (9x/2000) look and feel.
The layman's guides to - debugging - bug reporting - compiling - ISO remaster.
They may help you with a problem, so do have a look at them.

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Re: Printer Support

Post by middings »

gh4wi wrote:
Fri Nov 09, 2018 9:40 pm
Are any printers supported ? If so, which ones?
Hello gh4wi. Thank you for experimenting with ReactOS then making an informal report of your results. The Support forum is the appropriate place for the questions you asked.

Browsing the ReactOS Wiki can provide the answers to your specific questions. To reach the ReactOS Wiki from here, choose (click on) the link at the top of this page marked "ReactOS" or the link marked "BACK TO WEBSITE". Both links go to the home page (sometimes called the 'front page'). At the top of the home page there is a link marked "> Wiki". Choose that link to go to the home page of the ReactOS Wiki. That page is named "the ReactOS Development Wiki". That page has many links grouped by topic.

Look for the topic "Status". Its links describe "what needs to be done and what needs improvements". The link marked "Printing" is the link that oldman provided in oldman's earlier post. The link marked "Missing ReactOS Functionality" provides a more complete list of functionality not yet implemented in ReactOS.

ReactOS has been greatly built out but there remains much terrain ahead to build on. ReactOS is under active development. ReactOS is now in the alpha stage of software development. ReactOS is not yet feature complete and recommended only for evaluation and testing purposes. Again, thank you for experimenting with ReactOS and sharing how ReactOS performed for you in the ReactOS forum.

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