How i can install my sound card driver on ReactOS?

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How i can install my sound card driver on ReactOS?

Post by instantware »

How i can install my sound card driver (Via AC 97) on ReactOS?
The driver is here ... rid=132560

But i don't know how i can install this driver... Somebody can help me?

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Post by cuppm »

If you're looking for some kind of wizard that makes it easy to install and setup, then you'll have to wait a while (ROS is still in alpha stage). If you look in the wiki you can find HOWTO's on it. Here's a general way to do it: ... l_a_driver

And here is a fairly recent forum thread about getting audio to work: ... ight=audio

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Sound isn't generally supported yet.

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Sound isn't generally supported yet, and I havn't heared of anyone trying that soundcard, but someone has to be the first.

Good luck!

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