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Wireless problem

Post by adammuelta »

Ping pong training, reflect on your training method

Each year it is essential for ping pong players to reflect on their personal training schedules and regimes. You could very well start last year with many goals in mind and, Hope you achieve those goals. If you have completed all your goals, continue training in the same manner and keep reducing your weaknesses while maintaining your strengths. You may even consider learning a new technique or two to spice up your game. However, if you find that many of your weaknesses are still present after a year of practice, then it's time to change your training method. One year is a lot of time to make significant improvements in your weaknesses, so if you don't notice a substantial increase in your game, then you need to analyze what takes Accumulate from your method.

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One of the most common mistakes and people contributing to sloppy techniques merely is not knowing that you are doing something wrong. Remember that "feel and never be the same?" You may feel as though you have made the appropriate technical adjustments, but if you find yourself on the video, you will realize that You have really just made the same mistake or even created the improvement. To keep yourself in check, have someone watch you train or watch yourself through video analysis to gain a correct perspective on your technique.

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A widespread mistake in training leads to weaknesses in your game is not incorporating enough drilling. Sure, it's more fun to play than to drill, but playing in the game does not allow you to refine the technique through repetition. The drill is where you build new and useful technologies while eliminating bad habits. With so much variation in a match, it is very difficult to isolate a technical problem and practice it repetitively. So before you get out there to play a few matches, spend an hour doing drilling in accordance with your weaknesses. This will reinforce your good techniques and get rid of the old mistakes. Once you feel comfortable, then get out on the match board and try it out. Oh, and don't forget the video camera.

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Re: Wireless problem

Post by karlexceed »

This is not likely to work. That laptop was released July of this year. In order to have even a hope that your wireless would work, it needs to have Windows XP drivers. Those certainly don't exist for your hardware.

Here's a list (updated a year ago) of tested wireless hardware: https://reactos.org/wiki/Supported_Hard ... work_cards

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Re: Wireless problem

Post by PurpleGurl »

Yes, this is why I wish the Termite project would make more progress. Then you can synthesize an XP driver from a newer driver, or a Linux driver from a Windows driver, etc. We would likely not use such code (licensing and readability), but end users could make older drivers from newer ones. Any licensing hurdle could be overcome by running Termite on Linux (uncontested code) or other open source drivers, but even if it creates a usable XP driver, there is still the issue with it being machine created and likely hard to read/follow.

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