ReactOs under ESXi 6.5 no mouse

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ReactOs under ESXi 6.5 no mouse

Post by gilles »

Hi, all..
I installed ReactOS 0.4.9 from ISO into a VMware (ESXi 6.5) virtual machine.
It starts OK, displays the destkop, but the mouse (Arrow) is frozen and doesn't move with the real device.
Strangely enough, clicks seem to be sent to the virtual machine but not moise movements.

I heard that it is recommended to install the VMware Tools bur i can't do so as the mouse cursor doesn't move.

Any suggestion / help welcome.



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Re: ReactOs under ESXi 6.5 no mouse

Post by karlexceed »

Which console are you using to access it?

IIRC, I had better luck with the VMRC over the browser console. But even then, I had to restart the console every once in a while when I would lose mouse control.

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